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How to be Calm Assertive?

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Calm assertive means expressing strong confidence in a calm way.

How to project calm-assertive energy?

There are some techniques for attaining Calm-Assertive energy.

* Clear and positive intention

* Visualization

* Self-hypnosis

* Inner dialogue

* Meditation or Prayer.

Clear and positive intention:

You should be clear in your thoughts and vision of your goal. There should be no doubts in your mind.

Positive intention motivates you to achieve your goal successfully.


A visualization is a form of imagination. Imagine your goal that what you want to do. First, achieve the whole thing successfully in your mind before into action. This will be useful to project calm-assertive energy.


Self-hypnosis involves becoming highly focused and absorbed in the experience while giving yourself positive suggestions about ways to reach your goals. Self-hypnosis is an individual practice, unlike when you are working with a therapist. It can be a most empowering practice as you learn to have better control of your thoughts and reactions while enjoying the physical and emotional benefits of the relaxation that is typical of self-hypnosis techniques. It will be useful to achieve calm-assertive energy.

Inner Dialogue:

Inner Dialogue is another powerful technique that can greatly improve the communication between you and your dog. Dogs often respond better when there's less sound involved, and you are strengthening your energy by turning your thoughts inward. When claiming a piece of furniture, for instance, focus your mind, and then tell yourself, "This is my chair." Use your body to claim it, repeating that thought in your mind over and over again. By talking to yourself, you are gradually changing your brain, your body, your emotions, and in turn, your energy.


Meditation is one of the most powerful techniques. It relaxes your entire body and improves your concentration. You can control your thoughts, emotions, energy, in a better way.


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