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Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 Sec-18, 19, 20

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Sec-18. Power of entry and inspection.―

For the purpose of ensuring that the rules made by it are being complied with, the Committee may authorise any of its officers or any other person in writing to inspect any institution or place where experiments are being carried on and report to it as a result of such inspection, and any officer or person so authorised may―

(a) enter at any time considered reasonable by him and inspect any institution or place in which experiments on animals are being carried on; and (b) require any person to produce any record kept by him with respect to experiments on animals.

Sec-19. Power to prohibit experiments on animals.―

If the Committee is satisfied, on the report of any officer or other person made to it as a result of any inspection under section 18 or otherwise, that the rules made by it under section 17 are not being complied with by any person or institution carrying on experiments on animals, the Committee may, after giving an opportunity to the person or institution of being heard in the matter, by order, prohibit the person or institution from carrying on any such experiments either for a specified period or indefinitely, or may allow the person or institution to carry on such experiments subject to such special conditions as the Committee may think fit to impose.

Sec-20. Penalties.―

If any person― (a) contravenes any order made by the Committee under section 19; or (b) commits a breach of any condition imposed by the Committee under that section;



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