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How to stop or correct the dog's unwanted behavior?

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

There are some tips taken from Cesar Millan's book:-

Step-1 By using your energy and intention to communicate that I don't agree with the behavior, while never taking the dog's actions personally and always remaining Calm assertive.

Step-2 By using eye contact to communicate your energy and intention.

Step-3 By using your body and body language to own your space and to block an unwanted behavior [for example, stepping forward purposefully into a puppy's space to own it, firmly nudging away from a puppy that is trying to climb on my leg].

Step-4 By using touch to communicate displeasure or snap a dog out of escalating behavior.

Clarification about snap or tap or quick touch:

* Touch never ever means "hit"! Puppies and most dogs are very responsive to touch at the level of kind of light tap you might use to get a friend's attention in a darkened movie theater.

* Touch a puppy on the side of its neck or on the side of its hindquarters.

* Use a chaw-shaped hand, which mimics a mother's bite on the side of the neck, on the muscle, not the throat. This hand doesn't "punch" it is firm, but it doesn't have to use much pressure. The pressure should be proportionate to the level of the behavior (for instance, an adult dog that has escalated into a red zone will need more pressure than a puppy that has just begun chewing a shoe, which will only light touch). All dogs recognize this sensation from their early puppyhood and respond in a primal way.

* The timing of a touch correction is crucial; it has to take place at the exact moment of the transgression and end the moment the puppy relaxes and changes her behavior. Waiting until after the behavior is over doesn't make sense to a dog. Because dogs live in the moment. Cause and effect have to match in their minds.

* One firm touch is effective half a dozen small pushes, pinches, or tweaks can make the situation worse.

Correction by using a leash:

* If your dog is in a distraction or aggression state make a quick tug from their side of the neck this method gets your dog's attention to you. Don't pull back because you can't control them. All the strength of the dog in their shoulder. So easily they can knock you down. Hold the dog leash in short so you can get more control and pull up the leash when the dog pulls you in front.


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