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Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 Sec-21, 22, 23, 24

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Sec-21. “Exhibit” and “train” defined.

In this Chapter, “exhibit” means exhibit at any entertainment to which the public are admitted through sale of tickets and “train” means train for the purpose of any such exhibition, and the expressions “exhibitor” and “trainer” have respectively the corresponding meanings.

Sec-22. Restriction on exhibition and training of performing animals.

No person shall exhibit or train― (i) any performing animal unless he is registered in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter; (ii) as a performing animal, any animal which the Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, specify as an animal which shall not be exhibited or trained as a performing animal.

Sec-23. Procedure for registration.―

(1) Every person desirous of exhibiting or training any performing animal shall, on making an application in the prescribed form to the prescribed authority and on payment of the prescribed fee, be registered under this Act unless he is a person who, by reason of an order made by the court under this Chapter, is not entitled to be so registered.

(2) An application for registration under this Chapter shall contain such particulars as to the animals and as to the general nature of the performances in which the animals are to be exhibited or for which they are to be trained as may be prescribed, and the particulars so given shall be entered in the register maintained by the prescribed authority.

(3) The prescribed authority shall give to every person whose name appears on the register kept by them, a certificate of registration in the prescribed form containing the particulars entered in the register.

(4) Every register kept under this Chapter shall at all reasonable times be open for inspection on payment of the prescribed fee, and any person shall, on payment of the prescribed fee, be entitled to obtain copies thereof or make extracts therefrom.

(5) Any person whose name is entered in the register shall, subject to the provisions of any order made under this Act by any court, be entitled, on making an application for the purpose, to have the particulars entered in the register with respect to him varied, and where any such particulars are so varied, the existing certificate shall be cancelled and a new certificate issued.

Sec-24. Power of court to prohibit or restrict exhibition and training of performing animals.―

(1) Where it is proved to the satisfaction of any magistrate on a complaint made by a police officer or an officer authorised in writing by the prescribed authority referred to in section 23, that the training or exhibition of any performing animal has been accompanied by unnecessary pain or suffering and should be prohibited or allowed only subject to conditions, the court may make an order against the person in respect of whom the complaint is made, prohibiting the training or exhibition or imposing such conditions in relation thereto, as may be specified by the order.

(2) Any court by which an order is made under this section shall cause a copy of the order to be sent, as soon as may be after the order is made, to the prescribed authority by which the person against whom the order is made is registered, and shall cause the particulars of the order to be endorsed upon the certificate held by that person, and that person shall produce his certificate on being so required by the court for the purposes of endorsement, and the prescribed authority to which a copy of an order is sent under this section shall enter the particulars of the order in that register.



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