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How To Calm Down Aggressive Dog?

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

What is the reason for aggression?

Reasons for aggression

* Not provide a proper exercise. (running , walking , etc..)

* Not provide mental stimulation (search and rescue , obedience training etc..)

* Because of this, dogs have lots of pent up energy in their body.

So that pent up energy come out in form of aggression.

What you need to do to calm the aggressive dog?

* To give proper exercise. If they exercise regularly their energy level goes down. It brings the tiredness to their body. So the mind becomes calm.

* Don't leave the dog alone in one room for long time. Because it creates boring ,

frustration mind state. If you are going to leave your dog alone for a whole night give them a proper exercise and make them tired. Or play to them. So they will go to resting state.

* After you follow the above statements give them a mental challenge. It's like search and rescue, obedience training, obstacles games etc... So their mind also gets tired and goes into resting state.


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